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Reija Pasanen / Industrial designer MA


Valoa design Ltd is leading lighting design office in Finland. Reija worked as lighting designer and project manager with indoor and outdoor lighting projects.


Valmont International is one of the biggest lighting pole manufacturer in the world. Reija was working as a product designer in projects all over the Europe.




WSP Finland Ltd is a multidisciplinary company offering sustainable planning, design, consulting and inspection services. Reija worked as a designer and project manager in WSP design studio, Helsinki.


Reija has several years experience of various lighting projects in Finland and Europe.




Reija is a partner at OpenLight Factory Ltd for developing OpenLight Spots web tool for lighting professionals.



STUDIO LUX NOVA creates lighting solutions and light installations that utilise latest lighting and smart technology. Industrial & Lighting Designer Reija Pasanen combines light, ambience and design in an innovative way. Reija is specialized in product design, architectural constructions and in the creation of lighting solutions.


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